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team schedule

TurnShift is a Slack application to share and schedule recurring tasks with your team.

Spreadsheets are boring, internal tools are buggy. Use the right shift scheduling tool.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

We respect your privacy: TurnShift can't read your messages or list private channels.

😍 The smart team
calendar is here
Screenshot of the TurnShift UI
🗣 Customers

We use TurnShift to share Algolia's customer support duty with 50+ engineers. Previously we were using an internal tool but nobody wanted to maintain it on top of their work.

TurnShift ensures our support schedule is fully booked, up to date, and remind people to show up on time.

Switching to this tool was a relief, and now multiple teams are using it: win!

Our engineering team provides internal support. We started with a shared Google Calendar. It was super easy to setup but required a lot of manual actions to keep it up to date.

We also wanted Slack notifications, so we tried TurnShift and haven't looked back since then.

We even cheer up folks on duty when they get mentioned by the TurnShift bot :)

Here's how
TurnShift works 👇

Create Shift Schedules

Create one shift schedule per need. If you want to handle your API team's support and whole-company support, they will have their own space, and configuration.

Screenshot of the shift schedule edit page

Assign Teams and Slack Users

TurnShift stays in sync with your Slack user lists so you can easily create teams and add users to them.

Screenshot of the team members edit page

Get Slack Notifications

Every day, right before a shift start, TurnShift sends Slack notifications to channels, direct messages to assignees, and updates the topic with who's on shift.

Screenshot of a booking reminder Slack notification sent by the TurnShift Slack application

Receive Booking Reminders

When it's time to book shifts again, TurnShift will send Slack notifications only to the required team members.

Booking should never be a struggle, that's why we use magic links: click on the "Book" button and you're already logged in.

Screenshot of a booking reminder Slack notification sent by the TurnShift Slack application
Simple Pricing
Annual billing (2 months free)

Start Scheduling Shifts for
3.50 / user / month

Includes every current and upcoming feature. We charge for active users only.
Need enterprise pricing? Contact-us.

14-day free trial

Everything you need

  • Unlimited shift schedules
  • Unlimited teams
  • Slack synchronization
  • Smart notifications
  • Time Zone support
  • Calendar sync (soon)
  • Holiday detection (soon)
  • Auto-booking (soon)

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