Shift Scheduling for
Slack Teams

TurnShift allows Slack teams to share on-call, recurring tasks like customer support in a pro-active and organized way.

Create schedules, fill them, or let assignees book shifts. Get Slack notifications when shifts are starting or when it's time to book.

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

We respect your privacy: TurnShift can't read your messages or list private channels.

Here's the Booking Screen
Screenshot of the TurnShift UI

Create Dedicated Shift Schedules

Create one shift schedule per need. If you want to handle your API team's support and whole-company support, they will have their own space, and configuration.

Once created, you can assign teams to schedules.

Screenshot of the shift schedule edit page

Assign Teams and Slack Users

TurnShift automatically sync with your Slack user and public channel lists. Connect our Slack application and create teams in minutes.

Screenshot of the team members edit page

Get Booking Reminders and Notifications

When it's time to book shifts again, TurnShift will send Slack notifications only to the required team members.

Booking should never be a struggle, that's why we use magic links: click on the "Book" button and you're already logged in.

Screenshot of a booking reminder Slack notification sent by the TurnShift Slack application
Simple Pricing
Annual billing (2 months free)

Start Scheduling Shifts for
3.50 / user / month

Includes every current and upcoming feature. We charge for active users only.

30-day free trial

Everything you need

  • Unlimited shift schedules
  • Unlimited teams
  • Slack synchronization
  • Smart notifications
  • Time Zone support
  • Calendar sync (soon)
  • Holiday detection (soon)
  • Auto-booking (soon)

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